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Patient Reviews

I have known Dr. Bethany Olson for a long time and she has always been a woman of faith and integrity. I have witnessed her deep caring nature for persons of all ages. She is good with children and with senior citizens. My husband and I are fortunate to be her patients and have witnesssed her dedication to profression of dentistry from the beginning. Dr. Olson offers her professional ability and quality care at an affordable price, and she does it with grace and a smile.

Nancy Kingsbury

When we moved to Fremont, I was afraid we wouldn't find a kind, caring dentist who listened to our concerns. I was relieved and excited when my family found Dr. Olson. Her gentle ways made us feel very comfortable. When the orthodontist recommeded my 12 year old daughter to have 4 teeth extracted, I was very reluctant to do so. However, after many conversations with Dr. Olson, we decided to have the procedure done. Dr. Olson patiently listened to my concerns and reassured me. I am thankful to have Dr. Olson in Fremont.

Amy McClellan

The staff at Nye Avenue Dental are great. The hygienists are super friendly and the front office staff always makes you feel welcome. Dr. Olson is family friendly and my kids love going to the dentist.

Craig J.

Being an older, widowed woman, I really appreciate the excellence of dental work provided by Dr. Bethany Olson. She is gentle with her touch and always takes the time to explain procedures beforehand, so I understand and feel comfortable.


Nye Avenue Dental has done a great job serving our family for three generations. The doctors are knowledgeable and have responded quickly to questions during office hours and during emergencies. The staff is incredibly friendly and we love visiting with the hygienists

Jessica Jannsen